These photos are not part of a well-defined project. They are the result of what comes to me, of what allows itself to be looked at and entertained with me.
An analog camera always accompanies me; she is a friend.
The bodies, the places, the nights, the lights, the hidden habits and the “defects” are what I like to photograph.

The desire to remember pushes me towards a daily practice that can allow me to immortalize emotions that would otherwise vanish. It is therefore the stories, the gestures, the light that I observe that keep the curiosity and uniqueness of my living in the world alive in me.


Born in 1988, I graduated in New Technologies for Art at the Brera Academy in Milan. In those years I got very close to Preformance Art and video performance; Video and Photography are a medium that allows me to remember; with it I can bring out that part of me that I cannot express in words or in person. The projects were exhibited in the State Archives in Rome, at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan and at the Italy-China Biennale in Turin.